2 inch square tube bracket Tabs & Brackets


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bend the longer of the two pieces to 90 degrees and use 1/4 x 3 inch bolts to attach

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1 year ago





  • 2 inch square tube shelf bracket.dxf
  • Matt - 1 year ago
    Larry, THANK YOU for sharing this file! For those who are not aware, these brackets will allow you to easily mount a shelf beneath your CrossFire table. Attach one bracket to each leg and throw a piece of plywood or sheet metal on them. Also easy to remove/adjust. Simple, elegant design, and it works great!

  • tyler - 9 months ago
    second cut on the Langmuir table. Thanks for keeping the work area clear and clean for me!

  • Andrew Walsh - 4 months ago
    Just cut these out for my Crossfire Pro!! Appreciate the share!!! They came out clean!!!

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