There are two pieces of software that are needed in order to cut parts on your CrossFire™ machine. Below is a snapshot of these programs and the basic function of each. Please check back to our website when the tutorials page is published soon for a library of in-depth video guides on how to use these programs in more detail.


DESIGN Your Part

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a powerful design CAD and CAM software that is free for personal use. Small Businesses and Startups with less than $100k revenue or 10 employees per year will need to register with Autodesk. This software can be downloaded from our website or directly from Autodesk. You can design your own custom 2D & 3D parts right in Fusion, or you can simply import your own part files from your favorite CAD program. The software is easy-to-use for beginners new to drafting, and Autodesk has published an ever-growing library of tutorial videos to follow along and learn.

Download Autodesk Fusion 360


The next step in the process is to create the toolpaths from the part file that will be followed by the CrossFire™ machine when cutting. Once your part is designed, you will use Autodesk Fusion 360's plasma CAM feature to program toolpaths based on the part geometry that you want to cut. Here you will specify cutting parameters such as cut speed, pierce delay, and lead-in geometry and Fusion will export these toolpaths as a G-code file that can be read by the machines controller software (Mach3).

CUT Your Part

The final step in the process is to cut out your part on the CrossFire™ machine using the Mach 3 Control software. By uploading the G-code file that was created by Autodesk Fusion 360 in the previous step, the machine now has a set of instructions for completing the desired cut. Simply place your material on the machine and press 'Cycle Start' to execute the program.

Download Mach 3 Software