Cooking Castle - A flat pack rocket stove Outdoor


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This is a re-mix of the Rocket King on Amazon. I took my inspiration from that design, however I added a bottom plate, a top grate, an upper shelf position, changed the dimensions, thickness, air inlets, shelf, and storage method. This flat pack rocket stove is 10"x7"x7" plus the shelf. The shelf has two positions, one near the bottom to load wood fuel, and one at the top to support canned fuel. The base has a bottom plate to contain ash, and has air inlet holes on all for sides for even air flow. These holes double as a place to add a carabiner to clip all of the parts for storage. The upper grate supports smaller pots or cans, and also adds rigidity to the stove. The unit pictured is 14ga aluminum with clearances for easy fitment. If you want to use thinner material, I suggest tightening up the fitment slots, or just adding nubs to them. If making this out of aluminum, the top grate must be steel.

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Kevin Erickson for the original creation.


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  • Frank - 3 weeks ago
    Thanks Kevin!

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