Crossfire Pro / Crossfire Water Dable Dimple Die Tabs & Brackets


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Quick dimple die that you can make by stacking rings together. This dimple die allows the drain plug to sit flush with the bottom of the table. I used 3/16" steel but other thicknesses and stacking combinations could work. I just superglued the stack together, but if I were to do it again I would tack weld the rings together. On the second dimple, the alignment ring came apart making my dimple off-center to the drain hole. The bolt going through the center is 5/8". The fit is a bit loose in the table and on the bolt, but I think it's okay. The brass fitting is difficult to get tight because it will spin when you try to tighten it. To get around this I cut a slot in the brass fitting so I could somewhat hold it with a brake drum tool. I also installed the drain plug into the brass fitting outside of the machine using a vice. This stops the part where when you tighten the plug the fitting gets loose.

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  • dimple die v0.dxf
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  • Alper Nakri - 1 month ago
    Thanks for this it did not worked exactly but Still helped alot. I think the midele ring needs to be bigger. great idea

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