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These brackets are cut from 12 gauge steel. The brackets are designed for 5/16 x 2 carriage bolts. Everything is designed to work with 2x4 structural components and 1x6 shear bracing. The kayak, SUP or surfboards are held at a 10 degree angle (cut ends of shelves at 10 deg) to keep them secure. For my kayaks, the shelves are 31 inches, but your application may vary. I provided bend reliefs at all bends for alignment and to be able to use a 6 inch vise bender.

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7 months ago




Kayak sup surfboard

  • kayak rack v3.dxf
  • kayak bottom 4 needed v3.dxf
  • 3A815FD4-A36E-45B2-AE11-6C3A43F8AFF4.jpeg
  • 2C73D441-E756-4DD4-9DBF-47448868B7C6.jpeg
  • F7DD8B13-52B0-4F30-95C4-FBC9254EB0F6.jpeg
  • CAD251A1-6486-45BE-AA62-2CBE3F3A76B6.jpeg
  • 3F845AB1-2905-46EE-8610-73D1DB3F01F6.jpeg
  • Dennis Pirkl - 6 months ago
    I don't see any relief cuts for bends. It seems these are just side face plates.

    James Ladtkow (OP) - 5 months ago
    I wonder if that is a result of the dxf translation. The bend reliefs are there in the underlying sketch I will take a look at it

  • James Ladtkow (OP) - 5 months ago
    yep it is a DXF issue. Fireshare will not let me upload the Fusion 360 file. contact me and I will send it to you

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