Welding Tank hook Tools


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Hank whatever you want from your cylinder neck

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Nick Koupiaris for the original creation.


1 year ago




tank hook hook

  • Welding Tank Hooks.dxf
  • Bob Perkins - 1 year ago
    awesome project i will definitely be using this!

  • Joseph OReilly - 1 year ago
    Hmm, I loaded the file but am getting a "bad character used, Block = 0" message. Also, what thickness material did you use? thank you

  • Joseph OReilly - 1 year ago
    Oops, forgot to run the dxf through fusion 360 first.

  • ShaunyShaun - 1 year ago
    Gauge metal?

    Jamie - 1 year ago
    looks like 1/4 inch ish. the tabs are .273

    Nick Koupiaris (OP) - 1 year ago
    1/4”. Could easily edit the slots to accept 1/8”

  • Carl Swinford - 11 months ago
    are you guys saving the project file or saving picture and converting it to dfx? I cannot get the project file to convert to anything other than zip or 72 and that will not load into fusion

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