Production Update 4 07 May, 2018

It’s time for another CrossFire Production Update!

Once again a big thank you for everyone who has been patiently waiting for their machines. As we get even closer to shipping CrossFires we are growing more and more excited to see what you’ll create with them!

In anticipation of our first large shipments from our vendors, we’ve designed our warehouse for maximum throughput with custom stations for each individual assembly, testing, and packaging operation so that we can accomplish fulfillment of Batch 1 as quickly as possible. At this point we are pleased to say that Batch 1 units should still begin delivery in the second half of June. Batch 2 CrossFires are also still on schedule.

For Batch 1 and 2 units, we will be manufacturing several machine critical components in-house, particularly the gantry rail tube and lead screws here in our 6500 sqft shop in Lakeside, California. Our investment in machinery and tooling will not only help us produce higher quality machines but will vastly increase our ability to prototype and extend the CrossFire System. We think this is a win for both us and our customers.

Here are the Production Pictures!