Production Update 6 13 Jun, 2018

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to send out another quick update with pictures of the first official production machine coming off our assembly line. This machine is completely manufactured from final production tooling and processes at our vendors and in our shop in California. This machine has been processed through our assembly line tooling and fixtures which are used to ensure that all your CrossFire machines are tuned and QC tested before being packaged up and sent out.

We have several unboxing, assembly, CAD/CAM, and cutting video tutorials coming your way soon so stay tuned for these in the coming weeks! If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our Langmuir Systems YouTube Channel to stay notified when new videos are uploaded.

Here are some pictures of the production machine. You’ll notice some upgrades from our original:

  • High Quality Textured Powder Coated Frame - A new powder coating process was used for a higher quality, more durable finish on the frame tubes. This is also a shade or two darker than our original machine to hide some dirt and grime of the plasma cutting process.
  • Electronically Isolated Torch Firing Input Cable - Easier and safer way to connect your torch firing cable to the CrossFire electronics enclosure. This also makes it quick and easy to unplug your plasma cutter from the CrossFire to make manual cuts off of the machine.
  • Woodruff Key Bearing Adjustment System - Easily adjust the CrossFire bearing blocks with an improved Woodruff Key alignment system. Tighten set screws in the CrossFire’s milled bearing blocks to ensure a precise fit around the gantry rail tube. These bearing blocks will arrive at your door already adjusted here in our factory!
  • Upgraded Gantry Rail Tube - US made steel tube with superior straightness and flatness that is individually milled, fitted, and aligned at the Langmuir Systems facility. After zinc plating to prevent rust, this tube will work harden along the bearing track surfaces giving you incredibly smooth and precise movement.
  • Aluminum Water Tray - Our new aluminum water tray boasts many improvements over the original’s steel tray including rust resistance, weight savings, and ease of drainage with removable slat holders and brass drain fitting. Swapping between the water table and the stock slat holder configuration takes minutes!

Before CrossFire systems and plasma machines arrive at your door, we will begin stocking consumables for purchase in our online store (Razorweld nozzles, electrodes, swirl rings, retaining caps, and replacement CrossFire slat packs) as well as add-ons for individual sale.

Our estimated ship dates for Batch 1 remain in the second half of July and the Batch 2 ship dates remain in September. We are happy to report that Batch 2 production is already underway at our vendors and moving forward without a hitch.

For customers that purchased Laptop Computers, Razorweld Plasma Cutters, and Software licenses we will begin to start shipping out these items in the next coming weeks so keep an eye out for tracking information via email!

We can’t wait to see what you will make with the first set of CrossFire machines and we want to thank our pre-order customers for supporting us along the way!

Langmuir Systems