Production Update 7 06 Jul, 2018

Hi Everyone-

It’s time for another CrossFire Pre-Order Production Update!

We have been hard at work creating CAM, Assembly, and Cutting content to get our customers up and running as soon as possible. The CrossFire Assembly series has completed filming and our CAM and Cutting Tutorials are well underway. You can watch these videos on our Youtube Channel or via our online User Guide.

Our shop is prepared and awaiting the last few parts from our suppliers and we are happy to announce our Batch 1 shipping is still on schedule as per our last update. We expect to have a majority of Batch 1 CrossFires out the door by the end of the month so stay tuned for shipping notifications. This also includes Water Table and Laptop Stand shipments.

We have shipped all Batch 1 Razorweld Vipercut 30 plasma cutters and will be shipping out Batch 1 Razorweld Razorcut 45 plasma cutters within the next week.

For Batch 1 customers that have ordered a laptop, we are excited to be announcing an upgrade to the Acer laptops originally paired with the CrossFire. The original laptop we selected was rigorously tested and rejected in favor of a more expensive and powerful Dell. We will be shipping out more powerful Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptops within the next week as well. These laptops feature a more capable AMD A6 processor, 500GB of storage, a larger 15” screen, a sturdier frame, and a spill resistant keyboard. Our top priority is ensuring that customers have the right tools they need to be successful with our machines and we’ve upgraded these laptops at no additional cost.

As a reminder to anyone who has purchased a CrossFire machine and any add-ons, please notify of any updates to shipping addresses ASAP.

Also heading out to those who have ordered, Full Version Mach3 Licenses will be sent out via email next week. There will be video instruction on how to install, configure, and register these licenses linked in the email.

We are also announcing a price increase for Batch 2 CrossFire pre-orders to $1249.95. We will continue selling Batch 2 machines through Monday August 6th, 2018. After which we will be closing all CrossFire pre-orders in order to focus on production and fulfillment of Batch 2 machines. You will still be able to purchase Razorweld consumables and Full Mach3 Licences during this time. At this time, Batch 2 fulfillment remains on schedule!

We expect to open our the CrossFire Store with units in stock in late October 2018 at the full retail price.

Thank you for your continued support!

Langmuir Systems