Production Update 8: CrossFires Shipping! 23 Jul, 2018

Batch 1 CrossFire machines have started to ship out to customers!

Last Friday we successfully shipped out the first 40 CrossFire CNC Plasma Machines. Our production goal this week is to ship out 75 more machines with that amount increasing each subsequent week. We know that everyone is excited to receive their machines but we ask that you please be patient with us as we ramp up our shipping schedule. At this time we cannot provide specific ship dates for given orders but we estimate having half of the Batch 1 CrossFires shipped by the end of July. Over the past few months our small team has endured countless late nights, weekends, and missed holidays in an effort to honor our pre-order commitment to customers for a product that we wholeheartedly believe in!

All of the Batch 1 Plasma Cutters, Laptops, Laptop Stands, and Mach3 Licenses have shipped to our customers. The Water Tables are shipping out with CrossFire packages.

Batch 2 is Closing

Batch 2 pre-order machines are still on schedule to begin shipment in September 2018.

As a reminder, Batch 2 is closing and the last day to order a Batch 2 CrossFire machine at the discounted price is August 6th, 2018 (while supplies last).


August 6th will also be the final date to purchase any add-ons with your Batch 2 machine. Please contact if you’d like to purchase any add-ons with your Batch 2 machine before then.

We estimate that our online store will be re-opening in November 2018 with units in stock at the $1495 retail price after our Batch 2 orders have been fulfilled.

Website Updates

We have released an updated User Guide with video CrossFire assembly instructions, safety information, and plasma cutter wiring directions as well as redesigned our Software Tutorials to help you get cutting as quickly as possible.

With customers receiving their CNC machines, we will be re-launching a more user-friendly CrossFire forum to help the growing CrossFire community. We believe this forum will be a powerful tool for helping customers with technical support, project sharing, tutorials, and general CNC plasma cutting discussions. For users of our existing forum, stay tuned for an email invite to the new one!

As always, thank you for your continued support.

The Langmuir Systems Team