Tutorials Update 30 Apr, 2018

Langmuir Systems is excited to release our first batch of tutorials for CAD with Autodesk’s Fusion 360. These tutorials are designed for the beginner or novice CAD user and cover getting up to speed with the Fusion 360 workspace, creating your first project, and importing designs from other software you may be already familiar with or files downloaded from our projects.

We’ll continue to release new tutorial videos covering basic through advanced topics in the Plasma CAD -> CAM -> CUT workflow and we’d love to hear your feedback to make these tutorials even better. Please leave us a comment, post a discussion, or send us an email with your suggestions!

View these tutorials on our website or directly on our YouTube Channel:



The full version of Fusion 360 is available for download now on the Autodesk website. First, download the software here:


Then to activate the indefinite start-up, hobbyist, or student licence please follow the instructions here:


For the Mach 3 Control software, download the trial version from our website:


Purchased full version licenses will be sent out in May.