10 Inch Welding Fixture (Weld Together Project) Tools

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Tab and slot designed welding fixture, this DXF is setup for be run on 1/4" Mild Steel then welded together. I plan on making a few sizes of these. The holes are cut for a fixture style table.

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5 years ago





  • 10 Inch Welding Fixture.dxf
  • Aurelio Cazares - 5 years ago
    What would this piece be use for? Can you upload the finished product? Thank you for sharing.

    Chris krannitz - 5 years ago
    Give you idea on these thing cost https://weldtables.com/collections/fabsquares/products/fs121890-4-12x18x4w-90-deg-fabsquare-u-weld-kit I have been looking for one of these all over the place.

  • tim kramer - 5 years ago
    Would it make more sense to have a slot instead of the tabs so its a simple fold then weld? I have not had great luck with the corners of rectangles being square.

  • Matthew - 5 years ago
    Thank you Matthew Russo! These will come in handy!

  • Juan Lopez - 3 years ago
    Thanks Matthew Russo this will help me a lot around the garage.

  • Curtis - 1 year ago
    Thank you! For making this a working file. My cutter hates premade settings on most of these files. Youre a savior my friend!

  • matt glandorf - 11 months ago
    I did use this as my second cut file. It worked well, my only critique is that the holes arent centered on upper edge piece in the file. Or im doing something wrong. Thank you for this thought, its cool to see how I can do tabs and slots

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