10 Inch Welding Fixture (Weld Together Project) Tools

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Tab and slot designed welding fixture, this DXF is setup for be run on 1/4" Mild Steel then welded together. I plan on making a few sizes of these. The holes are cut for a fixture style table.

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4 years ago





  • 10 Inch Welding Fixture.dxf
  • Aurelio Cazares - 4 years ago
    What would this piece be use for? Can you upload the finished product? Thank you for sharing.

    Chris krannitz - 4 years ago
    Give you idea on these thing cost https://weldtables.com/collections/fabsquares/products/fs121890-4-12x18x4w-90-deg-fabsquare-u-weld-kit I have been looking for one of these all over the place.

  • tim kramer - 4 years ago
    Would it make more sense to have a slot instead of the tabs so its a simple fold then weld? I have not had great luck with the corners of rectangles being square.

  • Matthew - 4 years ago
    Thank you Matthew Russo! These will come in handy!

  • Juan Lopez - 1 year ago
    Thanks Matthew Russo this will help me a lot around the garage.

  • Curtis - 2 weeks ago
    Thank you! For making this a working file. My cutter hates premade settings on most of these files. Youre a savior my friend!

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