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A precision machined modular cast iron weld table for only $675

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A 24" x 36" Modular Cast Iron Weld Fixture Table featuring 5 perpendicular machined flat surfaces and 336 fixture holes.

Arcflat Weld Tables Estimated Shipping in 1 Week.
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+$95 ground shipping to contiguous USA only.

ArcFlat orders placed today are estimated to ship in 1 Week. You are entitled to a full refund minus a 2.4% transaction fee until your order ships.

All 5 Surfaces CNC machined

The ARCFLAT cast iron modular fixture table features surfaces machined flat to ±0.0075” and square to 0.1 degrees.

336 HOLES for quick fixturing

ARCFLAT provides fast and easy clamping anywhere on the top and sides of the table. Use Langmuir Systems Modular clamps or third-party 5/8" or 16mm clamps and tooling.


ARCFLAT ships via standard ground direct to your door. There's no welding, no warping, and no wasted time compared to flat plate weld-it-yourself tab and slot tables.


Machined from a thick block of nodular cast iron, the ARCFLAT is durable, thermally stable, and dent resistant.

Modular to fit your needs

Arcflat blocks can bolted together to create any size or shape table. Use the standard size in your garage or create any combination of larger tables.

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Stop outsourcing your cutting needs and put a production capable machine in your shop at a fraction of the price.

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ARCFLAT Specifications

  • Material Grade:

    Nodular Cast Iron
  • Dimensions:

    36" length x 24" width x 4" height
  • Gross Weight:

    145 lb
  • Static Load Capacity:

    1000 lb
  • Thickness:

    Topside 3/8", Sidewall 5/16"
  • Surface Flatness:

  • Edge Perpendicularity:

    ±0.1 degrees
  • Hole Size:

    0.630" +0.010" -0.005"
  • Hole Pattern:

    2" x 2" grid



ArcFlat ships via Standard Ground via UPS. Weld blocks do not require Freight Service. If you are purchasing a large quantity of ArcFlat Blocks, please reach out to Support for Freight Shipping options.

No. Due to the weight of the ArcFlat, we only ship to contiguous United States.

No. The ArcFlat is machined from a solid block of cast iron and no assembly is required.

The Leg Kit we offer is an entry level option that includes four 3"x3" steel tube legs with basic level feet and hardware. We understand that some customers will likely desire to customize features of the support structure which is why we sell the ArcFlat Weld block seperately. We have provided the ArcFlat bolt pattern in the Specification above to help you build your own custom support structure.

Click here to learn more about typical cosmetic defects you may encounter.

The ArcFlat fixture holes are machined to 0.630" ±0.005". Check with the manufacturer of your third-party clamps and tooling to ensure that these products are compatible.

Weld blocks can be joined with standard 1/2" bolts; however, the ±0.0075” flatness rating can only be maintained across the entire surface of two adjoining weld blocks using the Precision Bolt Kit. Learn more about the ArcFlat Precision Bolt Kit here. One precision bolt kit is required for each joint.

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