Find and download files needed to get cutting on your CrossFire CNC Plasma or MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill.


FireControl for Windows

FireControl for MacOS

FireControl Post Processors

The latest versions of the CrossFire Motion Control firmware require the latest Post Processors and are incompatible with earlier versions. Programs posted with older versions of the Post Processors can be converted within FireControl. Motion Control Firmware can be updated within FireControl on a Windows PC with internet connection.

CrossFire with Z-Axis / CrossFire PRO / CrossFire XR CrossFire without Z-Axis
Fusion360 Fusion 360 Post v1.6 Fusion 360 Post v1.6
You must toggle both IHS and THC post settings to 'No'.
SheetCAM SheetCAM Post v1.6 SheetCAM Post v1.6
You must set both Pierce Height and Cut Height to 0 in the Jet Tool Menu.

CrossFire PRO / CrossFire with IHS & THC

CrossFire without IHS & THC

  • CrossFire Motion Control v1.2ls

CrossFire Break-in Programs

Milling [MR-1]

CutControl for Windows

CutControl for MacOS

CutControl Post Processors

Langmuir Systems offers free CutControl Post Processors for Autodesk Fusion 360 as well as MasterCAM and SolidWorks. Find the latest versions of these posts below.

  • Fusion 360 Post (v1.0)

    • Posted programs can contain only a single tool.Several operations using a single tool in the same program are ok.

    • If you are using more than 1 tool for your part, you will need to post separate programs and run them sequentially.

General Downloads

Manual Driver Installation (if required)

Autodesk Fusion 360 Downloads

Find Legacy Mach3 Downloads on the Legacy Downloads Page →.