Meet the Crossfire

An ultra affordable personal CNC plasma table that will transform the way you design and build.

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The Ultimate fabrication tool

Cut your intricate digital designs faster and more accurately than any other metalworking power tool. Create projects with some of the world’s strongest and most durable materials. From automotive parts, to real structural components, to weatherproof art and signage.

From Design to Product

Crossfire integrates seamlessly with the design software, workflows, and file formats you already use. Users can also select from Langmuir System’s online library of designs or design something new.

Large Scale, Small Package

An exclusively industrial fabrication process is now small and affordable enough to operate in your home garage. Roll the machine into your work area and store away when not in use. Open cantilever table design capable of cutting material you would otherwise need a much larger machine to cut.

Easy to use

Unlike traditional subtractive manufacturing methods, CNC plasma cutting does not require complicated fixturing and setup. Simply set your torch height and run the program.

Fast cut speed

Put one of the fastest industrial metal cutting processes right in your home garage or shop. With cut speeds of up to 300 inches per minute (IPM), the CrossFire will bring production level output to your personal projects.

CrossFire™ Specifications

  • Cutting Envelope Dimensions: 25.3” (X) x 23.3” (Y) x 3.0" (Z)
  • Machine Weight: 130 Pounds
  • Linear Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Carriages on Zinc-plated Steel Tube Rails
  • Stepper Motor Size: X-Axis 284 oz-in Y-Axis 425 oz-in
  • PC Interface: Windows USB
  • Mechanical Drive System: 3/8”-8 4-Start ACME Lead Screws and Acetal Anti-Backlash Lead Nuts
  • Motion Accuracy: 0.002” per 12” inches
  • Step Resolution: 0.0005”
  • Maximum Cut Speed: 300 ipm
  • Torch Height Control: Manual Torch Height Adjustment
  • Table Surface: Replaceable Steel Slats, 50mm wide x 3mm thick
  • Input Power: 110/220 VAC (selectable)

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