20x20 Fire Pit Home & Garden

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Very Simple Fire Pit. Steel is 12g You will need: 4 sides 1 base Plate 1 leg (file makes 4 legs) Assembly: Each side should be angled somewhere around 50degs. I tacked on the inside until I had all 4 sides on. Then welded up the entire outside seem. You can either chose to grind down the welds like I did or just leave them. The legs I desgined so they can be bent. I found this just made getting a square base a lot eaiser. I finished mine off with High heat paint from lowes (the 2000f stuff) im sure after awhile I will need to re paint Depending on where you get your metal it costs around $30ish dollars to make not including paint.

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3 years ago






Fire Pit welding fire

  • image1.jpeg
  • Base Plate.dxf
  • Legs.dxf
  • Sides.dxf
  • Tom (OP) - 3 years ago

    Cal Spigler - 3 years ago
    Hey Tom, great video. What brake do you use in the video?

  • Chris Allen - 3 years ago
    Thanks Tom.

  • Thomas johnson - 3 years ago
    Thanks cant wait to give it a go

  • Tom (OP) - 3 years ago
    dont be THAT guy that takes the file and trys to sell the plans!

  • DogCreekCustoms - 3 years ago
    Personally I would of slotted between the panel and the legs a nice long slot with a quarer tab on both ends and in the middle for even the guys like me that don't have a metal break can still bend the panel & legs then you can weld the seam to stiffen it back up or even slide a ash plate between if desired. Nice design though. :)

  • Chris - 3 years ago
    Thank you sir!

  • Phil - 2 years ago
    Going to give this a try! Thanks Tom

  • scott - 2 years ago
    What's the total sq footage of material needed?

  • Jordan Wall - 3 months ago
    Is 20x20 the finished length x width measurement?

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