AC Cobra Shelby American Signs

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This file in it's current form is 12"x24", the AC Cobra is my all time favorite car!

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Galts Garage for the original creation.


1 year ago






AC Cobra Shelby sign wallart mancave

  • Shelby American 12x24 Final.dxf
  • Cobra Final.jpg
  • donald newell - 1 year ago
    Great job!! I have a FFR Mark 4 that I built 2 years ago and love it. That classic shape never gets old

    Galts Garage (OP) - 1 year ago
    It is timeless, and Factory Five make great kits. It's on my bucket list.

  • james dufrene - 1 year ago
    I'm fairly new to this so would you tell me what the cross hairs in all of the circles are for? I also noticed there was a couple of lines on the hood that weren't cut. Is there a technical reason for them? James

    Galts Garage (OP) - 1 year ago
    It's some kind of editing the Fireshare hosting site does, it's not an image that I uploaded. The cutout piece in Black is what I uploaded. I think the crosses in the circles are meant to make it look like it does when you are designing it in Fusion.

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