BlackBear BBQ Grills Outdoor

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Custom designed Grills for my Smoker BBQ I built, Help yourself.

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Jordan Beukema for the original creation.


1 year ago





  • 20210415_191657.jpg
  • 20210330_205051.jpg
  • 20210410_143903.jpg
  • 20210330_200059.jpg
  • 20210403_141347.jpg
  • Grill Complete Left.dxf
  • Grill Complete Right.dxf
  • Top Grill Paw.dxf
  • Top Grill Stand with Paw.dxf
  • Grill 12 Paw 2.dxf
  • James Mersereau - 1 year ago
    The grills look great or GRATE! Thanks for sharing, Jim

  • James Mersereau - 1 year ago
    Do you have updated parts or plans available for your new smoker? Thanks, Jim

    Jordan Beukema (OP) - 1 year ago
    Not yet, Been on hold for now Cheers

  • jemejia - 1 year ago
    Way to exploit your CNC capability to its fullest! Love the industrial design elements.

  • Cletus - 1 year ago
    Wow! Beautiful!

  • sean azarowski - 11 months ago
    Nice work!

  • Mauricio Mendoza - 8 months ago
    very cool design, thanks for the share

  • Beatriz Guerra - 7 months ago
    Great design, do you have the design for the hinges? Thanks

  • scott - 5 months ago
    Hey man great smoker, any designs for the hinges and handle brackets?

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