Bracket for holding laser guides - .dxf .svg trace Tools

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This is kind of a "remix" I guess. I simply traced the g-code generated from Lawrence Block's upload for those (like me) who want to generate their own code. Since I simply traced a g-code file, the perimeter size of this thing is probably a kerf's width wider than the original, which probably won't matter and will still make a bracket. But I believe the holes are placed accurately and that's likely what will place the important parts properly. The .dxf doesn't seem to display here like a drawing, but I can open it up fine in FreeCAD and other software, FYI Thanks to Lawrence

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6 months ago





  • LaserBracket.svg
  • LaserBracket-BodySketch001.dxf
  • Tim Bledsoe - 6 months ago
    Thank you for taking the time to do this bless you......

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