Bracket for laser crosshair alignment for XR Home & Garden

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This design utilizes the tapped set screw holes (where you adjust the lower x axis bearings). I used 2 socket head cap screws 1/4-20x1/2" to attach, dont go too deep. (They were bag 21 in the instructions for the monitor bracket,(leftover because I didnt install the monitor bracket). I bought a crosshair laser and bracket on amazon. Ill post a pic of those. If I bought a laser again I would probably go with a more powerful one. Bend the flange to the appropriate angle. I Used 6mm socket head cap screws and wingnuts to attach laser mount to bracket. I used 16 gauge on this but 14 might be better.

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laser bracket laser mount XR

  • new laser mount2.tap
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  • laser.png
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