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Handle insert is cut from .125" and the base and risers from .25" mild steel. The standoffs were welded from bottom of press and the handle from the outside of the standoffs and both ground smooth. For the wooden handle a 1" dowel was split and Corby bolts to attach them.

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Cris K for the original creation.


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  • MartyY - 7 months ago
    That looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  • MartyY - 7 months ago
    Not familiar with Corby bolts. Does the handle insert lay flat with the split dowel right on top? Pictures looks like handles insert is angled, hard to tell. Any chance you have a picture of the bottom of the handled showing the other side of the corby bolt?

    Cris K (OP) - 7 months ago
    The handle insert is sandwiched between the split dowel. Not angled just the way the pic looks. The underside looks the same as the top. Look up corby bolts on Amazon that will help you understand the assembly.

    MartyY - 7 months ago
    Ahh that makes complete sense now. Appreciate the help. Going to give this a try!

  • MartyY - 7 months ago
    Got it cut and completed today. Really enjoyed doing it. Thank you for sharing. Wish I could post a picture here, but I did post in the forum. https://forum.langmuirsystems.com/t/its-been-awhile-post-those-projects/9910/1056

    Cris K (OP) - 6 months ago
    Glad you got it completed, looks good. Enjoy!

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