Contraption - Toilet Paper Holder Tabs & Brackets

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Fun parts to make a fun toilet paper holder. Will have to assemble and provide other parts/ welding/ screws/ spacer. Pic shows idea behind the parts.

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3 years ago





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  • Ed Elser - 3 years ago
    What does this do? please explain further

    Mike Caffey (OP) - 3 years ago
    Fun TP holder... Rotate handle up to vertical position.. shaft slides to the right... change out TP roll and rotate handle back to horizontal position.

  • Gerald Wiltshire - 3 years ago
    It appears once assembled you pull the lever to slide the roll holder over to change a roll.

    Mike Caffey (OP) - 3 years ago
    exactly.. It needs additional hardware to put together. I have also added bearings to the gears so is more smooth but works without them. I also put an extension behind handle to bring it out from base a little more... but just preference.

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