Cordless Drill Wall Holder Tools

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I made this from 14 gauge hot rolled steel. I would not recommend using anything thinner than that. There are cuts in it to bend it where it needs to be bent so that the drills can be hung and the top shelf can be formed. I only ask that you do not sell the file itself.

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3 years ago






Cordless Drill Holder Tool Holder garage organazation workbench drill hanger

  • CordlessDrillHolder.dxf
  • CordlessDrillHolder.jpg
  • Mike Jackson (OP) - 3 years ago
    Forgot to mention. It's sized at about 17.5" wide and 26 inches tall before the bends are made.

  • Kirby Rock-Ellis - 3 years ago
    Can you post the .svg? Opening the dsx in inkscape is not rendering properly.

  • JEFF - 3 months ago
    Hello , Can you please post the .nc I really like your project!!!!

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