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I love my crossfire, but it is missing a drink holder. Sometimes I drink a beer, sometimes I drink coffee, so I created a cupholder that would hold anything I might have while using my crossfire. The cupholder is made from 2 parts. Both parts need to be bent. The bracket has one bend and the cup holder has several bends. See the images for each bend. I cut this in 16 ga steel and it is sturdy enough, but I would not recommend anything thinner. One part is the actual cup holder. The other part is the bracket that can be mounted to the crossfire's laptop stand. The crossfire laptop stand is at approximately 21 degrees, so the bracket allows for mounting at this angle (or at 0 degrees) on either side of the laptops stand. You will need to drill into your laptop stand in order to mount this cup holder. I used all #8-32x1/2" screws.

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  • Aidan - 4 years ago
    Great Design! I remixed this into a dxf file for anyone who needs it.

    Matthew T Mead (OP) - 4 years ago
    Thanks for converting and sharing/remixing!

  • Steve - 4 years ago
    Good Stuff, Thank you

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