Crossfire XR laser alignment bracket Tabs & Brackets

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I just got my Langmuir Crossfire XR setup and started to use it when I decided a laser alignment tool would speed me up when setting up my cuts. I looked around, but only found prints for the Crossfire Pro. After some thought here is what I came up with. For power I cut up an old USB cable and wired it to a switch I had laying around. I ran some 2 conductor wire up the track with the factory wires and connected it to the lasers with wago style connectors. I bought the lasers from Aliexpress. Originally I planed on using a set screw to hold the lasers in place, but ultimately decided to use a little hot glue instead. The actual STL can be downloaded from

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laser alignment xr laser bracket

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  • Dan A. Mefford - 10 months ago
    Hi Brit: I am new to this whole cnc machine. I am a maker/builder for many years. This looks like a great idea, however it would need, if I am reading it right, to have a part printed. My question is: Does the laser alignment happen automatically in the printed part? Thanks... Dan

  • - 1 month ago
    What are you using for power supply? I tried a 3v-5v power cube with no luck.

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