Everlast 82i shelf Tools

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Shelf for a 82I everlast or similar sized machine. (10" wide unit) Brackets hold the large m-60 motorguard filter with 1/2 pipe. (I used 2.5" pieces of pipe on each end to give space for bracket to hold) All bent from one sheet, I hand bent it over the welding table and welded it together. I cut it our at 38 amps, 68 psi and it came out pretty nice!

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  • 82Ishelfblankname.nc
  • everlast shelf.jpg
  • Reuben Prins (OP) - 3 weeks ago
    I used 1/8 steel, and drilled holes later for mounting, that all depends where your studs are in your mount location, There is space to add a name easily like pictured.

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