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I created this design from other, I don't know who originally designed this. Other versions had duplicate and incomplete vectors. This one extrudes and cuts correctly for me. Pictured is 1/8" cold rolled steal 80ipm 30amps .080 nozzle .060 standoff/spacer. 1/8 is a little thick. 12gauge is better to fit various sized bottles. Feel free to modify the over all size or the bottle opener dimension. This cuts out at about 5.75" long.

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Lee Simons for the original creation.


4 years ago





  • FBombOpener.jpg
  • F Bomb Bottle Opener.dxf
  • Al Wade - 4 years ago
    Thanks for taking the time to clean up the file.

  • Jim Hestily - 4 years ago
    thanks for the file ,very cool!!!

  • wes - 4 years ago
    Thanks Lee Simmons!

  • phillip punak - 4 years ago
    Thank you!

  • victor - 4 years ago
    super dope file bro thanks

  • mark pfanenstiel - 4 years ago
    sweet thank you

  • kyle - 4 years ago
    plugged into steel solutions with zero fixes having to be made,nice,thx

  • William Albaugh - 3 years ago
    Can this be made with firecontrol or do I need sheetcam or something else too? I'm super new and just want to get a first cut today or this weeked . Any help is appreciated.

  • Burgee - 3 years ago
    sweet pattern

  • Mat - 3 years ago
    Very new user, did a test cut on 16 gauge. It cut really well except when it cut the bottle cap opener. As it comes out it cuts into the F. What do you think that could be? I am using fusion 360 crossfire pro and a razor cut 45. Any help is appreciated.

  • Chris Allen - 3 years ago
    Thank you

  • Jorge - 3 years ago
    awesome file

  • Shawn - 3 years ago
    Would definitely recommend NOT cutting from 1/8in. I made the mistake of cutting 20 and none of them can open a bottle. Will be trying 12 gauge later this week

  • Bob Dobinson - 3 years ago
    Thanks Lee.

  • Juan Lopez - 3 years ago
    Thanks Lee

  • Phillip Williams - 3 years ago
    Thank Lee, Love this bottle opener . I cant get the inner toolpath on fusion 360.It will only cut the body any ideas.

  • nick konyndyk - 2 years ago

  • Aldo - 2 years ago
    Thank you sir

  • Mark Juarez - 2 years ago
    gonna give this a try , thank you

  • Robert Mackenzie - 1 year ago

  • Timothy Suchonic - 7 months ago

  • Robbie Griffith - 4 months ago
    Nice work, Thanks

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