Halloween Pumpkins Outdoor

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Going to do some halloween designs for the fileshare. I nested 3 average size pumpkins and created some big ones if someone wants them for the yard. I didn't add any stakes on these design because it would make the pumpkins much smaller to fit on a single sheet. I just welded some stakes to bottom of each of them for my yard. Enjoy!

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Don P. for the original creation.


7 months ago





  • pumpkin2.jpg
  • pumpkin3.jpg
  • Halloween Pumpkins.jpg
  • Halloween Pumpkins_.dxf
  • Jesse Burnsworth - 7 months ago
    can some help me so i can cut them out please

  • Don P. (OP) - 7 months ago
    why can't you cut them?

  • Jesse Burnsworth - 6 months ago
    i got this last oct . cant figure out tool to path

  • Jesse Burnsworth - 6 months ago
    just need it cut ready thanks

  • Robbie Griffith - 3 weeks ago
    great pumpkin

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