Jeep door wall holder for 2 or 4 door Automotive

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I used 16ga steel and plenty strong for hanging the jeep doors. I have a 2 door jeep but have I have a few buddies with 4 doors so just put both on this DXF. Enjoy!

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9 months ago





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  • Jeep door holder for 2 and 4 door.jpg
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  • Jeep door holder for 2 and 4 door.dxf
  • Chad Teter - 9 months ago
    Cant Open DXF.. Is it just me?

    Don P. (OP) - 9 months ago
    It seems to work for me. If you need help please message me on forum.

  • calvin m Patterson - 9 months ago
    why is this giving me so much trouble. so many overlaping lines on fusion 360. any ideas on how to solve this issue

    Don P. (OP) - 9 months ago
    How to fix - Use "center" not "left" for your sideways compensation in the passes tab as you generate toolpath. You asked why - The closed loop areas are only 0.1" wide but if i used single line cuts most folks would have an issue cutting those since its open loop and you get into no lead-ins and no pierce clearance. Sorry your having issue but hopefully this helps answer your question. * If you're not part of the forum its the best place to ask plasma cutting questions or solving issues.

  • Mike - 8 months ago
    what size are you cutting this at?

    Don P. (OP) - 8 months ago
    Each door holder is around 12"x12". when you bend them up there around 7" tall and 12" wide. Sorry normally add dimensions to pics but easy enough for me to go into Fusion and pull up the design.

  • Jason Short - 8 months ago
    Does not work in sheet cam. Will not put inside lines in to cut first. Someone please fix

  • Don P. (OP) - 7 months ago
    You can ask in the forum for someone to fix for sheet cam. Sorry i only use fusion 360

  • David - 4 months ago
    thanks we will try to cut out ,

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