Key Chain door push / puller / bag holder. Tools

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Its a bit large for a key chain but I have used it and it does a few things for me. Its a bit of a Covid-19 tool and I've seen them online elsewhere. 1. I can pull doors shut with an handle or by hooking the edge of the door. 2. I can push on things, doors, objects on a shelf and so on. 3. I can pick thing up with a loop 4. I can carry many grocery bags or whatever 5. Its impossible to loose my keys now This is my first design in F360 for my CNC and its much easier than my 3D objects I do for my 3D printer. Also I do know by sharing this its gonna get taken and possibly sold commercially. Everything I ever made on thingyverse is literally on Ebay being sold by someone now. So enjoy. Ive made it in 1/8 and 1/16 steel and it works just fine.

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3 years ago






key chain handle corona door handle novelty

  • Key Chain Door Handle Puller v3.dxf
  • Todd Kelch - 3 years ago
    we were just talking about making something like this last night... thanks

  • Phil - 3 years ago
    This design gave me coronavirus, probably because I wasn't wearing enough masks (currently wearing 17 masks).

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