Knife blanks from circular saw Tools

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Make sure to avoid any stabilizing vents or other gaps the saw may have. The steel these blades are made out of, is really high quality and I hated to see it go to waste. So, I decided to make knives out of it. Of course, I still need to sharpen and put a handle on it.

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2 years ago






Knife tool

  • Knife BLANKs on saw v1.dxf
  • 1002.tap
  • knife blank from saw.jpg
  • David Zuchniak - 2 years ago
    Ive thought about making knife blanks out of some industrial saws i recently aquired. Would cutting them out with a plasma harden the steel on the edges or is that not an issue?

  • Jesus Mancha (OP) - 2 years ago
    I did not have any issues sharpening. The edge held just fine. From what I read about the steel used by this manufacturer, it is already hardened. Also, if you are concerned about the hardness at the cutting line, then grind the edge just past that line.

    David Zuchniak - 2 years ago
    Thanks! I forgot I even asked this question. I'm completely new to knife making so this should be an interesting endeavor.

  • Jesus Mancha (OP) - 2 years ago
    One more note to help you during the cutting. Make sure to keep an eye on the warping of the saw blade as it will deform and increase your risk of head impact.

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