Laptop stand for crossfire PRO Tools

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This is a remix of the original laptop stand by Wyatt Lassiter, made for the Crossfire PRO, so it bolts to the corner of the table instead of a leg since the PRO's gussets make the leg not usable. I added gussets and widened the piece attached to the bottom of the laptop holder part to stiffen it up since I was going to use thinner material, if you are using the 1/8" that was suggested, it may not be necessary. I also modified the main piece and added brackets to hold a three piece pipe hinge instead of the original purchased hinge because that's what I had. They're sized for 1.5" OD pipe but feel free to adjust for what you have.

Remix Of

Laptop Stand for Crossfire by Wyatt Lassiter

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Michael for the original creation.


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  • David - 3 years ago
    THANK YOU! This as my first "real" project. 1/8" steel, 50ipm 45 am and all as perfect with cuts. I may change the pivot arm but not because of any errors in your design.Again..thank you

  • Todd Kelch - 3 years ago
    thanks David!

  • Portagee Customs - 3 years ago
    I cut this out of 16 gauge steel, kinda light and would not recommend. but it's all I had. That being said its super strong despite the thinner steel. Excellent file.

  • Mark Dunham - 2 years ago

  • Leben Mjos - 2 years ago

  • joseph wolf - 1 year ago

  • taylor crahan - 8 months ago
    cool, thanks

  • Douglas Fox - 8 months ago
    If I can get it to download ..... It will be great

  • kevin jackson - 6 months ago
    Cutting now. I'll post pics later. Thanks!

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