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This is a 20"x16" wall mount for a deer head. The wall mount represents a Michigan hunting license. I added one of my swivel mounts so you can face the head right or left. It made for bigger rack so if you want to add a smaller spike horn you may want to shorten the distance from wall to swivel. On this mount I used the holes in the swivel bracket to weld on the license. just offset them a little so you can tack on front and back and grind smooth. The horns on it are from last year not meant for this wall mount but showing how it'll display when finished. Good luck and happy hunting!

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  • Erick Schultz - 7 months ago
    What font did you use to make this? Asking because I'd like to change the year.

  • John Sabarese - 7 months ago
    Not sure what font was used but why don't you just use the smaller numbers provided and move enlarge them to suit what year you want

  • Don P. (OP) - 7 months ago
    It's called Amusette High Stencil

  • MATT DUGAS - 7 months ago

  • John Sabarese - 7 months ago
    How did you put the rusy finish on it ? Vinegar?

    Don P. (OP) - 6 months ago
    white distilled vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and salt

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