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I am not sure where I got these from maybe a customer but at the bottom right of the monograms is how I recieved them they were all black and I had to take each shape and give it a color of black or white they're not unioned or welded or mended whichever program you use, me I would just open it in inkscape select a letter resize it in the same project and then make a bitmapcopy of it then trace the high quality PNG into an SVG then modify it from there, which there are a few ways to go about it but I figure if anyone is interested you're more than welcome to it as I would be. This is not my file but I did alter it enough from what i recieved you're free to modify and make money by cutting these but please do not sell the digital free stuff on Etsy, etc as your own. :) Happy Cutting.

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2 years ago





  • SplitMonograms.png
  • SplitMono.svg
  • Sebasti├ín - 2 years ago
    viene genial.Muchas gracias

    DogCreekCustoms (OP) - 2 years ago
    You're most certainly welcome.

  • jessica - 1 year ago
    Hi- do you have these in a dxf?

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