Motor Guard Mount Tabs & Brackets

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A simple bracket for mounting the Motor Guard submicronic compressed air filters vertically to your Crossfire system. This should be compatible with all models (M30, M40, or M60). Uses the 5/16" hex cap hardware included with most Motor Guard kits, and two of the self-tapping screws that were left over from the water table upgrade. This part was cut from 12GA mild steel; I would not recommend going much thicker unless you have a press brake.

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You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Evan for the original creation.


4 years ago






motor motorguard motor guard bracket mount submicronic air filter

  • Motor Guard mount v1.dxf
  • IMG_3963l.jpg
  • IMG_3964l.jpg
  • IMG_3955l.jpg
  • James5 - 4 years ago

  • JohnS - 4 years ago
    I've been unsuccessful with this file. DXF file has the object sized huge over 24 inches long. I downsized it in ViaCad and when imported to Sheetcam, so much extra trash lines show up. Don't have this issue with other files on FireShare which have worked great in Sheetcam and cut just fine.

  • Mark Lilga - 3 years ago
    It loaded as 24 inches when I selected "inches" in Sheetcam as well. Metric was too small. I tried scaling it "Custom" 1:10 and it was perfect size. Thanks!

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