NEJE E40 Laser Adapter for Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro Tools

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NEJE E40 Laser Adapter for Langmuir Systems Crossfire Pro Located:

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5 months ago






plasma CNC

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  • quinn - 5 months ago
    what program runs the lazer

    trevieze (OP) - 3 months ago
    There is a Arduino UNO sketch on Printables that generates the PWM signal and turns on the air assist.

  • trevieze (OP) - 5 months ago
    There is a control box that interfaces with the crossfire pro. Instead of plugging the torch on cable into the plasma cutter, it gets plugged into the laser controller. The description has a link to the engineering to build a laser controller.

  • Robert - 3 months ago
    does this work on a standard crossfire?

    trevieze (OP) - 3 months ago
    If you are comfortable with building your own Pulse Width Modulation Controller than yes this will work with just about anything. The Langmuir plasma controller provides a dry (isolated) contact to signal the plasma cutter to turn on. The PWM controller turns the laser on with a preset duty cycle the same way.

  • Ken - 3 weeks ago
    Thanks for posting this so suspect the XR controller could be adapted to this as well. Not sure how the fire control interface would interface it or is that disabled or faked out when running the laser. I would think you would run the g-code XY through fire control and just turn the laser on similar to start of a plasma cut

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