Plasma Cutter Stand Tools

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Simple stand to keep plasma cutter off floor and chords organized and still have access to air and settings. Need 6' of tube steel. I used 1" because I had it but 1/2 would work just as well as the cutter is very light. 4-3/8x3" nuts and washers.

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4 years ago





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  • Chad Schulz - 4 years ago
    Great stand, but what is the bucket for? Are you circulating the water?

    David Frey (OP) - 4 years ago
    yes, fountain pump with simple hose 2 way to drain and fill tray

  • Bob Morse - 4 years ago
    Can anyone help a newbie? I'm trying to complete the post/setup on this plasma cutter shelf and am having trouble getting the right tool path for multiple parts. The outside cut is OK, but the two smaller parts show nothing will be cut on the inside (holes and slots). The slots don't show as being cut in the tool path simulation. Ideas?

    william fridley - 4 years ago
    what program are you using? fusion? sheetcam?

    David Frey (OP) - 4 years ago
    sheetcam. bought early on after about 40 hrs of video and experimenting. Fusion is way too much program for plasma.

    David Frey (OP) - 4 years ago
    I use sheetcam. make sure all layers are checked. you will get message that slots cannot be offset. thats ok.

  • joe juhl - 3 years ago
    Thank you. this will help. Hoping my pro shows up soon.. this will be nice to keep off the floor and out of the way. Much appreciated. Wish I was better with the software.

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