Racing sim rig brake pedal hanger Tabs & Brackets

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Simple brake pedal hanger for the sim rig pedal set that I am building. This hanger is for the use of a Parallel Beam 100KG load cell. (the load cell could be larger, but that is what I am starting with) The cell would be mounted to the vertical rear brace (you will have to drill mounting holes in the rear brace that match your particular load cell for mounting). A 3/8 bolt will pass through the pedal mounting hole and a 3/8 rod end will be attached to that bolt. The rod end will run from the pedal through a 3/8ID - 5/8OD oil lite bronze bushing to a rubber end that will press on the top end of the load cell, thus giving you a brake pedal response that can be picked up by the load cell amplifier and transferred to the Ardiuno micro-controller. You can install whatever you would like between the oil lite bronze bushing and the pedal as far as springs or rubber bushings that would act to return the pedal to a neutral position when not in use. This system is going to be used in the hanging orientation. I will be building a mounting system to hang them and attach them to my rig as time permits. That mounting system will also be cut on The Langmuir Crossfire Pro table. I may be new to this plasma cutting thing but I am 100% hooked. The Langmuir system is a blast to play around with. I am hoping that some of the individuals who are downloading this project will use it and share what they have done with them. I am always open to ideas and concepts that might make my racing rig more immersive, so please share. Thanks.

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Racing sim rig pedal set.

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  • Jim Clark (OP) - 1 year ago
    I am aware that the mounting hole that I spoke of in the description is too low on my set. I somehow forgot to update that in the original cuts and I will have to drill that hole before mounting the brake push rod. I have updated that in the final DXF file but I have not uploaded that change yet. Will do so once I have all of the bracketry sorted and in working order. I will upload one file when this is all finished that has everything that I did with this project. Thanks for looking and here is hoping that you all can also do something with this cobbled together project as well.

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