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FireControl  [IHS/THC]

This project is ready to be cut on a CrossFire CNC Machine.
Input your own cut settings on download to customize this file for your specific project.


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Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit naudydave for the original creation.


2 years ago






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  • Steve Huebert - 2 years ago
    Do you have the file I could load into Fusion 360. I wish to add my father in law's name to it

  • naudydave (OP) - 2 years ago

    Steve Huebert - 2 years ago
    Thanks. I just got my table Wednesday. When I added his name I ended up with 165 holes and cuts. Having a little problem getting cushion 360 to make all the cuts but I’m working on it. Major first try.

    naudydave (OP) - 2 years ago
    so when doing some of these things with alots of little holes i leave out every other slat so stuff can fall out instead of getting caught up.

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