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this is my version for sheet alignment. I simply hang it over the Y axis rail, I slide my work piece up to it, then remove it. making the sheet parallel to the Y axis. tach weld the 2 pieces together and it stabilize the piece while loading a sheet. I used .250 material.

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  • table sheet alignment tool.dxf
  • joe juhl - 3 years ago
    Not a hundred percent sure how this works. Could you post a picture of it in use? Thanks. Forgive my ignorance

    David - 3 years ago
    I think you turn the small piece perpendicular to the large piece and insert the slots to each other. Then tack weld. When you place a sheet of stock on the water table, hang the new made bracket over the y axis and slide the sheet up to the edge of the bracket on one end of the y axis. then repeat on other end of y axis. Now your sheet is perfectly aligned with the y axis … great idea

    jesse haskins (OP) - 3 years ago
    You are correct, except I cut a few of them. Leave 1 on each end of the sheet till I'm ready to cut

  • Michael Olsen - 3 years ago
    This is a great tool. Thanks for sharing this design.

  • Michael Baca - 3 years ago

  • Brian - 3 years ago
    Can anyone share a pic of this?

  • DogCreekCustoms - 3 years ago
    I don't think this will work with my Jd2 table, but nice concept.

  • Brandon Y. - 2 years ago
    This came in clutch for my project! Thank you!

  • Chris Wiegman - 1 year ago
    Thanks for this! After a successful project I feel like it unlocks a new feature of the Cross Fire! In my case I was tiling the design, cut several 60" x2" steel flats, passed through the machine, align and cut what I could!

  • Robbie Griffith - 3 weeks ago
    thank you sir

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