Shopping cart key(quarter) and bottle opener Tools

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FireControl  [IHS/THC]

This project is ready to be cut on a CrossFire CNC Machine.
Input your own cut settings on download to customize this file for your specific project.


Combination shopping cart key for carts that take a quarter sized coin and bottle opener. I have tested this on Aldi shopping carts and it works well. Cut from 14 ga steel at 35 amps.

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit David Saul for the original creation.


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  • Shopping cart opener.svg
  • PXL_20220208_002346050.jpg
  • Shopping cart opener.tap
  • mattfranklin - 1 year ago
    It worked pretty well for my first cut. I used an old circular saw blade for my raw material. The resulting piece was perfectly functional. It did leave a few marks where the pierces were done, mostly because I just took the default settings. However, it does offer a couple of adjustments to those defaults -- cleverly it asks you what you want to change as you are downloading. Would recommend to a friend.

  • Robert Kibby - 1 year ago
    whats a Tap file? cant load it into Fusion

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