Sim throttle pedal hanger Tabs & Brackets

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This is the hanger that I will be using for the throttle pedal that I uploaded last week. This pedal set will be a hanging style, not a floor mount. I should probably point out that I am making this set out of 1/8th inch steel so it is heavy and will be hard to push. It would probably be a good idea to cut these out of a lighter material, which will absolutely require that you adjust some of the dimensions before you put this on your machine should you decide to use this design. I broke my back a couple of years ago and have subsequently lost a lot of feeling in my legs and feet, so I tend to push too hard and break pedal sets. This is why I am making these so heavy and they will need of a lot of pressure to make them work. Please keep this in mind before you go to your cutter to create these. Also - a lot of the hole sizes in these images are reference points that will need to be drilled to size for bearings and what not. Some of them are not final sizes.

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Racing sim throttle pedal hanger

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  • Mathew Rupp - 10 months ago
    Hey Jim, I'm wondering what the setup for the electronics are looking like and what you're doing for resistance/pedal feel....this is a pretty nice design

    Jim Clark (OP) - 10 months ago
    Hello Mathew, I have not ordered the load cell yet, but I am working on a mounting bracket that will place the load cell vertically along the back of the mounting bracket. It would be just as easy to change the rear bracket that is on this hanger (with the roughly 5/8 hole for a bushing) to accommodate a load cell. There are plenty of channels on Youtube that describe the implementation of a load cell on a set up similar to this one. The cell can be purchased on Amazon or Ebay along with the amplifier and then you would need an arduino to connect that set up to the computer. As far as resistance I have not yet decided whether I will be going with bump stop rubbers or springs. That decision will be made when I get the load cell on. (please keep in mind that I am physically impaired to a degree and will be building mine much more stout that most. My set up may not work for you. Sim pedals are a "feel" thing for most racers.) All of the additional mounting holes in the hangers can be used for bracketry to put whatever forms of resistance or electronics in them as you would see fit. I will continue to upload the brackets and will include the finished pieces when I get the time to actually build them, but I thought that I would put these pieces up here for those who would like to get ahead of me and do their own thing. As for the throttle side you could put anything from a simple pot style potentiometer like a Logitech G-series pedal on up to another load cell or slide potentiometer or even a hall effect sensor. There are many options. This is why there are 2 pedal stops on this bracket. Add some bracketry at the rear for your electronics and a triangulated bracket in the center for a spring stop and you would have a working throttle. I added multiple holes in the center so that you can adjust bracketry forward and reverse for some spring load adjustment. Again you will need the electronics, ardiuno and what not to drive it to the computer, but the throttle side should be relatively easy to sort out. I am leaning towards a 100kg load cell for the brake and an automotive throttle position sensor (basically a simple potentiometer - but cheap, compact, and fairly readily available for little money) for the throttle side. I will have to drill a new hole in the brake arm to lower the pressure multiplier for that load cell, but that was a simple silly mistake on my part. Once I get all of the files finished I will upload the whole deal the way I built them and it should be completely ready to go if you use the same electronics that I do. They will be a separate file however because I am trying to make these fairly universal for whatever anyone wishes to use them for. These are ready to be "manipulated" to your desire. Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your set up should you decide to make them. I am hoping that these will help folks make their own stuff and get out there racing. I will continue to upload as I get the time to work on this thing. Time is at a premium at the moment unfortunately.

    Mathew Rupp - 10 months ago
    That's awesome Jim, I'm a computer engineer by training and have been looking for some fun projects to implement...this mixes a bunch of my interests!

    Jim Clark (OP) - 10 months ago
    Very cool Mathew, I wish that I had gone into computers when I was younger. That is the direction that everything has headed. I was not then, nor am I really now, smart enough to have actually done that with any level of success. I dabble and that is about the extent of it. When I started working the home computer was not yet a thing and the automotive field was still fairly basic. LOL I hope you build a set of these and join us on track. It is a lot of fun. If you do please share your creation, I could use some direction myself. :-)

    Jim Clark (OP) - 10 months ago
    Hey Mathew, check out for the electronic side of the controls. They sell everything that you might want to make it happen.

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