Small 4 x 8 inch shelf bracket Tabs & Brackets

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This is a small shelf bracket I made and I used 1/8" steel and it is insanely strong. I also made some for lighter duty shelf using 14 gauge and they worked very well. You can resize to your needs. Just cut, bend and paint you'll be ready to go. Sharing is caring. I love the CNC community and hope to share as much as I can whenever I can. Stay helpful and build. Oh yeah try to teach children how to build stuff with their hands because I have and others have noticed we can't find a younger generation that wants to learn how to make or fix things. I can't even find someone to help. So start teaching them at a young age because once folks like us are gone, I don't know what's going to happen. Build on.

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Shelf Bracket home storage

  • 4 x 8 inch shelf bracket.dxf
  • Matt Hilsenhoff - 3 months ago
    These look like they will be perfect for my speaker shelf! Thanks for sharing!

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