split letters 2 Signs

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split letters for monograms

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Rob Young for the original creation.


4 years ago





  • K split ltter.dxf
  • L split letter.dxf
  • M Split letter.dxf
  • N split letter.dxf
  • O split letter.dxf
  • P split letter.dxf
  • Q split letter.dxf
  • R split letter.dxf
  • S split letter.dxf
  • T split letter.dxf
  • Chris Sowell - 4 years ago
    I tried to upload one these and to big it was over 180" between where you you put the last name I tried to make it small but didn't have any luck is there a way to make it smaller. Thanks

    Tom Johnson - 4 years ago
    Scale Feature. Works great. Search Fusion 360 how to use scale. Reduce size before adding name. You will have to explode text to attach it.

    Chris Sowell - 4 years ago
    I did the scale feature and it worked great but I can’t get it to generate a tool path

  • Tom Johnson - 4 years ago
    Hey Rob Thanks for doing these. They are great! Although, I am not selling these I would contribute. Thanks again

  • karen Pimental - 4 years ago
    HI Rob, can you tell us what font the letters are? or any suggestions on what font looks/fits well with them. Thanks

    Cameron Stauffer - 4 years ago
    i just found these letters. i havent been through all the fonts but ive found that Bodoni MT, Book Antiqua, Cambria, Century, And Javanese Text all look good with this.

  • lisa Lange - 3 years ago
    Thank you Rob! We just did one today! How can i upload a picture to show you?

  • marvin - 3 years ago
    rob email me please I am having some difficulty. rek1at@aol.com

  • Herb Gould - 3 years ago
    using qcad how do you merge the name text with the block monogram?

  • Daniel - 2 years ago
    Great Project Files - Thanks

  • Frank - 5 months ago
    Any ideas why I can't load these into fusion 360?

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