Spring 2023 Fire Pit Contest - Sunburst Rocket Stove Home & Garden

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This is one of my entries (I hope to have others, yet to be determined) for the Fire Pit Contest for Spring 2023 started by TinWhisperer. I was motivated to learn the “sheet metal” aspect of Fusion 360 after seeing a few demonstrations on this forum. If you have not tried the sheet metal designing, it is really a kick in the pants. I actually just learned it over the last week or so and this is my first attempt. I originally made this stove out of 10 gauge steel and all pieces were separate. That is the stove shown in the photos. The origin/purpose of the “rocket stove” is meant to be a survival stove to cook with minimal amount of wood. It concentrates the heat in a very confined area. When running fully stoked, it makes a bit of a low roar that gives it the name of “rocket stove.” Made out of 12 guage steel, this is not likely a stove that you would want to use back packing. But, I like things to last and if someone were to run into this [“no honey, I am not referencing you backing into the chain link fence...only your imagination,”] it is likely to survive. I have not cut out this particular file as of yet and the only things I am uncertain is how the bends actually work out with respect to “sheet metal” design and the pot holder (mentioned in more detail below). I would recommend the ash grate made of 1/4" steel but the 12 gauge is likely to hold up for a year or two. And worse case scenario, if the grate was demolished, it still has the bottom enclosed. Two features not shown: [1] the plan to weld a 3/8" nut on the base on either side of the base so a bolt could be installed to add more lateral stability. And [2] add a 3/8" bolt or handle to the “clean out tray.” I will leave that up to you for your design. Features: 1. My original design burns well and is quite stable due to its weight. I suspect this will be similar. 2. The ash grate is planned to be made of 1/4 inch thick material but I included it in this layout size there is room. It is held in place by welding through the slots in the side of the stove. Now that the primary body of the stove is of the “sheet metal” design, there are a number of ways of when and how you install it. 3. The primary wood loading chute serves both as the air inlet. The wood tray panel is slightly oversized in width so it can be bent length-wise providing more room for wood but also centering the self-feeding of wood. 4. Many designs on the internet, do not protect against sparks and ash falling on the ground. This stove is enclosed and the “clean out tray” also serves to regulate the air. When fully installed, it restricts much of the air flow through that area (there is still air entering through the wood chute). When wanting more heat, simply pull the tray out some. 5. The handle can be completed by using a 1/4" x 5 inch long bolt and a wooden handle or a spring handle. I made the inside dimension 4-1/4" to accommodate the spring handle I bought online. 6. For a fun idea, I added the wood stove fan to my prototype that you can see in the photo. It is really more of a gimmick because you are not going to feel much additional heat than just the radiant heat from the sides of the stove. 7. Hopefully the design will allow for a close enough fit that you can get by with stitch welding the seam. As you may know, I am in the classification of more of a “grinder” than a “welder.” So I built this with my skills in mind. 8. The “pot holder” pieces were measured to the sketch so they may need a little modification after being cut. I “dog-boned” the connections. 9. My wife insisted that I put some decoration on it so she is why there is the “sunburst.” Note: Special thanks to TinWhisperer helping me to unravel my original design.

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Cooking Contest entry Wood burning Survival Practical

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