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Here is a simple tow point I have designed. I have not run any simulations on how strong it will be, but it's essentially laminated 5mm plates, so it should be plenty strong for most applications. There is some assembly with it though, you will need to bevel some pieces to make the whole thing better to weld together, so you have some nice deep penetrating welds, rather than just surface tacks. I have added some more screen grabs on how I would bevel the edges for a good weld. Obviously the strength is up to on how good a welder you are and the quality of the steel you use. Designed to be cut out of common 5mm plate that you can get at any steel supplier.

Creative Commons - Attribution

You may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this work, even commercially, as long as you credit Scotty the Car Dude for the original creation.


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  • Base.dxf
  • Eyelet.dxf
  • Bevel Home View.PNG
  • Bevel Front View.PNG
  • Bevel Side View.PNG
  • Scotty the Car Dude (OP) - 1 week ago
    Not sure how to edit it here, however I just saw that the website is displaying the DXF's weird, I just opened them in SheetCAM, the holes are aligned properly. Not sure whats going on with Fire Share/

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