Wall Control Akro-Mils bin hanger Tools

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This is designed to hang Akro bins and other similar bins on Wall Control pegboard. It will not work on standard pegboard as it needs the vertical slots to mount. This will mount across two or more WC panels and hold 5 of the Akro 30210 or 30220 (4" wide) bins where the hanger from WC will only hold 3. The factory WC hanger is ~.061" thick. I used some 16g ~.055" that I had sitting in the corner so it's a little thinner and could use the extra thickness to stiffen up but it works well as is. Cut and bend the ears 90 degrees at the half round divots. Break sharp edges and paint to suit. You may need to tweak the bend line a little to meet your particular WC panel spacing, even the factory bent bracket needs a little tweaking across a single panel.

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Wall Control Akro pegboard Akro bin Quantum bin

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