Warning Don't Touch My Shit Sign Signs

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FireControl  [IHS/THC]

This project is ready to be cut on a CrossFire CNC Machine.
Input your own cut settings on download to customize this file for your specific project.


Warning don't touch my shit sign. It's easy to cut and doesn't take long. In the posted size its about 22 x 13 inches. The f3d file is attached, just remove the .jpg extension

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You may remix, tweak, and build upon this work non-commercially, and although your new works must also acknowledge C.B. and be non-commercial, you don’t have to license your derivative works on the same terms.


3 years ago






Warning don't touch my shit warning don't touch my shit sign

  • Image.png
  • Warning Dont Touch My Shit Sign.nc
  • Warning Dont Touch My Shit Sign.f3d.jpg
  • Chuck - 3 years ago
    Thanks cant wait to cut it now

  • brooke hackford - 3 years ago
    cool thanks

  • Jeannie Kramer - 3 years ago
    This will be our first project on our new table. Thank you for sharing!

  • Mark Dunham - 3 years ago
    Time to try this bad boy out

  • George Lively - 2 years ago
    thanks for shareing excited to run the file.

  • Todd Gotchy - 2 years ago
    Maybe the kids will listen now, Thanks for the share!!

  • kinte Reid - 2 years ago
    cant wait to try this on my new table

  • Javier Vargas - 2 years ago
    Thanks man really need this around!!! thanks

  • doug jones - 2 years ago
    worked perfect thanks!!

  • Larry Bjustrom - 1 year ago

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