Wasp nest Outdoor

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I don't post many of my yard art projects because they normally have welding and some fabrication but this one is pretty simple for anyone. It takes around 40ft of wire to do one loop from top to bottom. I could have gone around a few more times but decided to leave it more open. If welding use thicker wire. I made the holes bigger than needed so you can modify if wanted to improve on design. If you have any questions just message me on the forum. Enjoy!

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10 months ago





  • IMG_1467.JPG
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  • wasp nest size.jpg
  • Wasp nest.dxf
  • Doug Groves - 6 months ago
    Thank You So Much for stating the size. Wish everyone would do that!!!! Also thank you for the Project, so excited.

  • kevin gonion - 2 months ago
    Thank you, turned out great.

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