Welding Table Tools

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Similar the Certi-flat (tab and slot). Drawings are for 23.5x32" top. Made mine 29 to sit under my workbench. Have to Ream 250+ 5/8" holes. Easy to expand drawings for larger table on the pro or nest 2 together for 4x3 table. Might add open grid for hand plasma cutting in the future. Clamps can be made with harbor freight clamps ($2.99) plus 5/8 x 1" bolt. Materials: 2x8 sheet 3/16" HRS cut 2x5 and2x3 ($100 @ my supplier) 2x5 sheet 16g CRS 20.00 13'-1.5 sq. tube steel Hand on hand 4-5/8 x 6"mb and nuts (to be used to pull center slats tight to top with bracket) 15.00 4-1/2x2 mb for legs 2.00 4- harbor freight casters 20.00 Done for less than 175.00

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  • 3-16inch parts.dxf
  • 16ga parts.dxf
  • Fab table iso.dxf
  • assembled.jpg
  • IMG_1160.jpg
  • Joel - 3 years ago
    Thanks for this upload.

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